Products - Steam Engines

An illustrative, not comprehensive, list

Seeing a lucrative market develop for equipment to drive their fans, in the 1870s they introduced their first steam engines. Over the years, both vertical(up to 150HP) and horizontal(up to 250HP) engines were used to drive fans, blowers and electric generators. Only the 20th century designs had letter model names. Technological obsolescence ended that product line in the early 1930s. WW2 briefly brought back the vertical engines. The scarcity of skilled Navy mechanics required the use of relatively simple steam engines. The foundry patterns that were still in storage went back into production and hundreds of Sturtevant engines were built for the famous Liberty ships.





Built exclusively for fan driving. Note the absence of a governor wheel, the attached fan serves that purpose.

The two types differed in their working pressures, (HS-1) was built for 125lbs, (HS-2) for up to 70lb.

These engines were regularly used as independent engines for belt drive or direct connected to fans, blowers and electric generators.

They could be furnished for either high or low pressures, including heating boiler pressures of 15-20 lbs. This made them ideal for driving fans in heating and ventilating systems.

Many were sold as Generating Sets direct-connected to generators of eight and ten pole types.
Built for direct connected fan driving and for use as independant engines. Speed regulation is by means of a throttling governor.

When direct connected to fans, the fly wheel is replaced by a small hand wheel and no governor is used.




The open-type frame is cast integrally with the cylinder. The cross-head guides are incorporated in the frame uprights. The main bearings are included inthe lower part of the frame.
High-speed all-purpose engine with a cast-iron base.
Used as independent engines and for driving fans, blowers and generators direct connected.

They differed only in their oiling arrangements. The VS-7 had a gravity system while the VS-8 used forced lubrication supplied by an oil pump located in the base.


(1945) Pump connected VS-7

(2008) VS-7

(2008) VS-7

(1910) VS-5 Generator Set


(1910) VC-6 Generating Set

(2002) HS-1

(2002) HS-1

(1910) HC-1

(2013) HC-1

(2013) HC-1

(2013) HC-1