I can provide basic cfm data on a wide range of products(primarily B.F.Sturtevant) due to my ownership of a large Sturtevant trade catalog collection. Any comments about the website, company or products can be sent using the following email address:
email: vtoccojr@gmail.com(Attn:Vincent)

Sturtevant Service Links

Large centrifugal fan service and repairs(B.F.Sturtevant,Westinghouse and American Davidson)

Howden North America - As the last owner of Sturtevant,they have the original documentation and continue to provide service on the larger fans.

Commercial Westinghouse Fans

Acme Mfg.Eng. - Acme bought the commercial line in 1986. Unknown to what extent they still support them.

(UK)Sturtevant Fan/Extraction System Service

Stockbridge Airco F.S.S Ltd - Phone: 0161 303 3229, e-mail: steve@stockbridge-airco.com

Dynamic Fan Service - Colin McArthur does site work for Stockbridge and has many years experience working on Sturtevant fans. He may be able to provide assistance. Fan production ended in the 1960s.

(UK)Vacuum Cleaners

Clyde Process - The original Sturtevant vacuum line is still manufactured by this business

Steam Engines

SmokStak - No idea but this forum is a good place to start.