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Hyde Park Factory
Date Built:1903

Purpose:A pair of 250kv Sturtevant generator sets were the Powerhouse workhorses until a 1950 coal-to-oil conversion occurred. A large adjacent coal pit was also filled in at that time. In 1972, an underground pipe burst incinerating a boiler attendant with 600 degree F steam.

Just to the left of the powerhouse was a Sturtevant designed Vacuum Spin Chamber, known by workers as "The Pit". It could take wheels up to 103" diameter. By exhausting air from this chamber, rotors were run at speeds necessary to prove weldments or stress of wheel components. It was sold to Mid South Steel of Missouri after the factory closed.

Currently: It was saved from the wrecking ball by its recent purchase. Their interest was solely for the adjacent parking, the building will remain sealed.