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Hyde Park Factory
Date Built:1903

Purpose: This sawtooth roofed building served as the main machine shop. In 1910, Massachusetts' first aeroengine manufacturing business, Sturtevant Manufacturing Co., was organized on the mezzanine. The shop had a broad array of machining capabilities including CNC work centers, heavy turning equipment for shafts up to 40 tons and a host of boring mills.

Sturtevant produced their own babitted sleeve bearings here, the only American fan company in the 70s that continued to do so. The Turbine Dept. was located in the south end till 1945. In the late 80s, Gyrol Fluid Drives were repaired there after American Blower was closed by Sturtevant's final owner.

Currently: Occupied & Owned by CF Technologies and Maverick Construction with a few other small tenants.