Industrial Fans

Heavy duty radial
Series 9500
Heavy duty airfoil
Series 4000
Heavy duty forwardly-curved for induced draft
Series 2000
Airfoil blading with a wide range of commercial and industrial uses
Silentvane 8000
Airfoil Turbo-Blower
Series 2400
Compact Turbo-Blower
Series 25/26/2700
Originally designed to supply air to cupolas and forges
Steel Pressure Blower
Large volume blower
Monogram Blower
Collecting and conveying dust and light materials.
Planing Mill Ex.
The dominant fan type prior to the advant of high speed turbines and electric motors
Steel Plate
Used in acid phosphate plants
Regulus Metal Blower
Designed for gas work
Gas Blower
Early high pressure blower
Rotary Blower
Compact draft fan
Turbo Undergrate
Turbine-driven Gas Blower