Air Conditioning

A compact washer for simple ventilating systems
Air Washer (Type S)
All general work in washing and humidifying
Air Washer (Type C/H)
Humidified and filtered air
Heated in the winter, cooled in the summer
Speed Heater-Cooler
(Draw-Thru) Freon or chilled water for Railcars
Railvane (Type 1)
(Blow-Thru) Freon or chilled water for Railcars
Railvane (Type 2)
Heating or cooling in homes, offices or stores
Unit A/C
Humidifier for home or office
Humidification only
Speed Humidifier
Found in theatres, public buildings, process industries and cold storage rooms
Removed coolant oil mist from air
Precipitron - Oil Mist
For general application
Compact unit
Precipitron - Cabinet Unit