American Blower Corp

AllĀ of these WW1-vintage company photos were taken either at the Detroit factory or a customer location.

The signature squat steam engine appearance was an original Huyett & Smith design that American Blower slapped their name on. It had an aesthetic aspect they found appealing as revealed in the following paragraph from a 1923 catalog:

"A description of the engine would not be complete without calling attention to its appearance. Notice the easy curves and graceful lines; it will attract the attention of everybody, and will be something your engineer will take pride in caring for instead of despising and neglecting."

The fans and blowers were used for heating, ventilating, mechanical draft, drying, mine ventilation, and exhaust systems for handling shavings, chips and other materials.

Early Detroit Product Photos

Fans and Blowers

Steam Engines

Dearborn,MI Photos

Special thanks to the late Ed Pamula, a former ABC engineer, for sending me these photos which span the period from the 1950s through the 70s.