American Blower Corp

Comments from a resurrected ABC guestbook(2009 - 2011) are posted below. Anyone wanting to have their thoughts about the company added to the compilation can send them directly to me:


2021-06-22,Cara Lu,

Elwood Charles Hause worked for the American Blower Company in Michigan in 1917. He was a drill press hand operator. While working in Detroit, he filled out his military registration card on June 3, 1917 and filled out the details of this employment. He was officially enlisted in the military in May of 1918. He died in service during WWI in Oct 1918 – just 9 months after marrying his wife, Mary Kowalski. They had no children.

Mary Kowalski is my partner’s great-grandmother and her first husband was only 21 years old when he died in WWI. Mary Kowalski kept Elwood’s surname, along with her 2nd husband.

Elwood Charles Hause RIP

2011-04-21,William Charles Morse Jr,,Seattle, WA,"R.D. Morse Company, Inc. ""Since 1913""

We had offices in NYC, WA. D.C., San Franciso, National Blower in Tacoma, and finally, in Seattle for another 35 years. ABC was a moral company closing (for us in June 1969 following yet another workers'strike. I turned down Law School to help my Dad try to keep the Office open. We did so with a large dose of gratitude and humility; Trane took over even though ABC's ""'Chubby' Barth"" said ""from the highest authority, Trane would be broke within the year."" My Dad and Grandfather were the finest men I ever knew. I ended up also fighting paralysis for 32 years caused by slipped discs from jogging. Hello, Ed Pamela! Regards, Bill, Jr. "

2010-12-17,Dave Vincent,,Westand, MI

"I'm an adjunct instructor in the energy technology department at Henry Ford Community College, where we have an ABC engine in our power engineering lab under steam. Would you like a picture of it?"

2010-08-30,Lowell Patch,,Bernardston Mass.

"I have a 4by4 that needs some partsbuilt. Need blue prints for same. thank you."

2010-07-29,Ray Simpson,,cookeville, tn

"My father, ""Pete"" Simpson was Chief Inspector of Quality Control at the 8111 Tireman Plant during the 40's, 50's, until 1961 when he suffered a stroke. I have some items from ""The Blower""."


"My grandfather, Samuel Caruso, worked at American Blower during the 1930's and 40's. My father, Joe Caruso, and uncle, Neil Caruso, worked with him during those years. They often, through the years, spoke well of the company and the people there."

2010-03-19,Richard Bernhard,,Camden, Maine USA

"My father, Richard L. Bernhard was vice president of American Blower from 1950--1964, He was previously with Trane Company, where he designed the ""Tonrac"" cooling system. While at American Blower he frequently traveled to Kewanee Boiler in Illinois. Following his tenure at American Blower, he worked was with Ideal Standard, the American Standard European entity, from 1965--1973. As I write this on 3/19/2010, he would have been 99 years old on this date. His family is very proud of his contribution to American Blower and the engineering profession."

2010-03-02,,Dale Huntington,Shauck,Ohio, USA

"I have a Venturafin size 53-H in my barn and would like to learn more about it. It was made by the American Blower Corporation per the id lable on it."

2009-12-29,Ernie Chorny,,Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

"I started in application engineering with Canadian Sirocco in Windsor in 1956. Then into sales in Toronto, Montreal Quebec and back to Toronto. When the fan business was closing up in Canada I was with American Standard Industrial Products Division in Toronto selling heat exchangers and fluid couplings (see first post by Roger Cooper).

By the time I retired in 1998 it was all heat exchangers and the company was ITT Standard. Although I started in October of 1956, the first six months were in attendance in the Training School put on by Dick O'Neil at the Tireman plant - just a fantastic introduction to the company, its products and goals. That sort of thing isn't done anymore. My favourite products were the fans and the fluid couplings - even got 2 trips to England for sales conferences. Ernie Chorny"


"Today I have visited the website of company and delighted about its historical achievements.As a blower manufacturer, I congradulate them and would like to know their participation in Indian market"

2009-12-29,Paul J. Fitzpatrick,,Elk Rapids, MI

"I was employed an a personnel clerk for Bob Sutherin and a Purchasing Agent for John Rich at American Blower (American Standard Industrial Div.) I just out of the army in early 1956 and I was employed there until early 1962. It was a great place, I met lots of fine people and had many great times. "

2009-12-29,Reed C. Andrew, M.D.,,Portage, Wisconsin

"My father, Reed D. Andrew, was hired during the depression by Mr. James Inglis on the recommendation of the president of Detroit Steel Products. Dad was the last person to be released from the credit office by the Credit Manager at Detroit Steel Products during the worst of the depression, leaving only the credit manager himself. (Dad had worked there as assistant credit manager while he worked his way through what is now Wayne University Law School.)

The position at ABC offered Dad the chance to use his skills in both credit management and corporate law. He enjoyed his friendship with engineers and other executives and would often tell us the ""question of the day"" from ""Table Number One,"" where the ABC principal officers and engineers ate together. Every day one individual had the assignment of asking a question he thought would be difficult for all the men at the table and would receive a token prize if no one could answer it correctly. On one occasion an engineer inquired, ""What is the name of the process in which a substance passes directly from a solid to a gas without going through a liquid state, then condensing it back to a solid state, thereby removing impurities?"" Everyone seemed stumped until it came Dad's turn to give his answer: ""That would be 'sublimation', as with iodine"" he said, whereupon the astonished gentleman who had asked the question became a bit vexed and inquired, ""How do you, an attorney, happen to know the answer when all the engineers were unable to come up with it?"" Dad, always a quiet person, responded, ""I took chemistry in high school.""

My brothers and I went with our mother for the ceremony in which the Navy ""E (for Excellence) Award"" was presented to the company. I still have pictures of us there at the ceremony and can very clearly recall being there. I worked at American Blower myself as timekeeper on the night shift when I was saving money for college & medical school."

2009-12-28,Norma,,Redford, MI

"My mother worked at American Blower from the late 30's into the mid-40's. She started as a clerical worker and moved into the factory portion during WWII. I remember her saying that she worked on aircraft during the war."

2009-12-28,Roger Cooper,,Woodbridge, Suffolk, England

"My father, Robert Cooper was Chief Engineer and Designer under Harold Sinclair at the Hydraulic Coupling Company in Isleworth, Mddx., England and visited ABC in 1933. His contact there was a Mr. Alison who I met in 1957."